Ila Tripathi and I have co-authored a book titled : “71 to 51”. Available here:

My Journey from Failure to IAS & Your Guide to Success eBook: Ila Tripathi, Bhavesh Mishra: Kindle Store

Please note that you do NOT need a kindle device for this. You can read it on your phone or laptop in Kindle app.

Significance of the title:

In her first attempt in 2015, Ila couldn’t clear prelim stage of the exam as she could secure only 71 marks. In her second attempt she got Rank 51. The book takes you through her journey from failure in prelims to success in second attempt.

It basically has three parts-

In the first part, Ila talks about her back ground and her personal life-

  1. What motivated her to join the civil services
  2. What was the impact of her father’s death on her career decision
  3. What role did her husband (that’s me by the way ) have in her preparation

After this brief background, we delve into how should an aspirant prepare himself to crack the civil services exam in the first attempt itself. There are following chapters-

  1. How to start preparing
  2. How to prepare while in college
  3. How to prepare along with a job
  4. How to revise
  5. Prelims resources and strategy
  6. What to do on the day of Prelims
  7. Role of test series
  8. How to use online resources
  9. Why going to Delhi is not essential for succeeding in the exam (Ila prepared from Lucknow)
  10. What to do after Prelims and before Mains
  11. Time table for Mains
  12. How to choose optional
  13. GS I strategy
  14. GS II strategy
  15. GS III strategy
  16. GS IV strategy
  17. Essay strategy
  18. Sociology strategy
  19. What to do on the days of Mains
  20. What to do after Mains and before results are out
  21. Interview preparation
  22. On the day of interview
  23. After interview and before result

Apart from this there are chapters to motivate you and to keep you going:

  1. When the going gets tough
  2. What if you fail

We hope this book helps you in learning from our experience and not repeating the mistakes we did.

Get your copy here:

My Journey from Failure to IAS & Your Guide to Success eBook: Ila Tripathi, Bhavesh Mishra: Kindle Store

Do let me know how you like the book.

Good luck!

Edit: Sharing with you some of the feedbacks we received


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