Answer writing is more critical to answer writing in civil services examination than knowledge. Optional like Sociology require extensive writing.

Please find the link to my answer scripts of mock test I had undertaken: Some mock test sheets Google Drive

Kindly use them as mere pointers when writing. But actual task is done only when you move your pen. You will notice in my answer sheets the following:

  • I filled the pages as far as possible
  • I underlined thinkers almost everywhere
  • Every thinkers’ point of view was concluded by criticism and a summary
  • I wrote mainly contemporary examples of schemes and current affairs.

All the best!


Posted by iasjourneyandbeyond


  1. This is totally unrelated but do you invest in stocks or mutual funds? pls guide



  2. I’m giving my 1st attempt in 2019.How can I know that I’m writing answers in the right direction with sociological perspective and even for the GS papers? How can I evaluate the quality of my answers while preparing from my home in Bihar? TIA.



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