Sociology Book List- Ila Tripathi

Optional is a game deciding component in the current scheme of civil services examination. I easily credit my 301 in Sociology for making me secure IAS.

With this view, following is my paperwise Sociology booklist:

Paper I:

  • IGNOU BA/MA notes: Sociology as a science, sociology and other sciences, research methods, Politics and Society, Social Stratification and mobility, Religion and Society, Kinship.
  • Harlambos: Weber, Work and life, Social Change
  • Online notes from various sources: Thinkers, Social Change ( Modernisation, Pluralist Thinkers, Liberal Thinkers).

Paper II:

  • IGNOU: Politics, Religion, Agrarian class, Social Transformation, Industrial class, middle class et al, Rural Society, Social Movements, Caste System, Tribal System.
  • Ram Ahuja- Indian Social System : Caste System, Social Change, Agrarian Society, Communalism, urbanisation, industrialization
  • EPW/Yojana/Vision Booklets: Social issues like crime against women, caste system’s disabilities, manual scavenging, problems of slums.

Current Affairs form an important part of Paper II, hence it is important to make your own notes from newspapers etc that bear impact on society. For example, maternity bill ensured more participation of women in economy, lesser fertility, impetus to gender reforms.

Sociology is a writing intensive optional. Hence make sure that you join a good test series and do solve previous years papers.

All the best.

12 thoughts on “Sociology Book List- Ila Tripathi

  1. can you please explain your revision strategy mam?? and my optional is sociology too.. classes gonna start from nov. Can you tell me something i should do in these two months that helps me to go faster with my optional classes..??


  2. Hi Ila Tripathi,

    Thanks for sharing the book’s sources, could you please share some of your CORRECTED ANSWER SHEETS of Vision IAS(you mentioned you took their test series in one of the Quora answers) or the Elite IAS ones. It would be really helpful. Please email me at or you can share a drive link.

    Thanks a lot in advance


  3. Ila ma’am, there are two books of haralombus.
    One is small size orange colour book and other one is big one with blue cover pages.
    Which one you are suggesting here?

    Please do respond!!!

    Thanks..!!! 🙂


  4. Hello Ma’am,
    I would like to know which Haralambos book are you suggesting. Haralambos and heald or Haralambos and Holborn?
    Thank you for your answers. They have been quite useful.


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