Essay writing for Civil Services Examination

For Mains, Examination, there are two low hanging fruits: essay and ethics. A good score in both is a guarantee of being selected. 300+ in optional in addition would ensure a top 20 All India Rank.

In this post, we focus on essay writing.

Choosing the right topic

The above is Civil Services Examination 2016 Essay paper. As is evident, a candidate has to write two essays, one from each section, in three hours of nearly 1000 words each.

Given that we are spoilt for choice, it is important we make a wise decision. Pointers to keep in mind when making a choice for essay topic:

  • Choose a broad topic. For example: given a choice between China Pakistan Economic Corridor versus India’s internal security threats, the latter is a broad one and hence you have more content to write.
  • Avoid too technical topics. You might run the risk of writing wrong facts.

Having decided on the topic, it is vital to decide on the outline. Most of the essays require you to:

  • Have quotation on issues like development, women, India, technology.
  • Write heading like social, political, economical etc.
  • Always start on an informative note. Explain in the first paragraph what topic is asking for. It ensures the examiner that you have understood the Question correctly.
  • Always conclude on an optimistic note. A positive conclusion should have constructive criticism.

All the best.

3 thoughts on “Essay writing for Civil Services Examination

  1. mam i am very fearing to start to write answer . mam whether it may be essay or GS answers how can i overcome this fear sir ?
    how should i start and what should i write ? even though i also made grammatical error

    how to write a essay in effective manner please suggest me thank you madam
    Because i am preparing for upsc civil service and i couldn’t take any coaching anywhere sir thats y i got confused .And i am preparing for this upsc since last two years and i couldn’t get through even prelims that’s why i am ask thank you


  2. Hello Ma’am,
    I have a question to you. I read your answers in Quora of all the questions that were to you. My question is how do you get those superb words while writing? I mean you are having a good quality in your writing that you could replace long sentences using single words. How could you develop that quality?
    I asked this because I studied my schooling in a local government school that too in vernacular medium. I really struggle when it comes to English to speak, to write, sometimes to understand. I really like writings of people like you who use beautiful words in writings. I really want to develop that quality. How can I do that? Do you have any suggestion for that like how did you learn new words and all when you were struggling with vocabulary ??

    I asked this here because there is no option to ask a question to you in Quora in your answers. Please reply.


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