Trek at LBSNAA

Physical fitness is given special emphasis at the academy. You have to mandatorily attend the morning PT session that starts at 6:05 in the morning. The location of these sessions is the polo ground which is situated downhill 1.5 km from the hostel. But don’t be misled by the “downhill”. While returning from the tiring PT sessions, it becomes a tedious uphill climb.

So if you think this is tough, brace yourself for the kind of trekking we go to. Our first scheduled trek was to a village in Kempty. But it was called off by our course coordinator due to inclement weather.

Our next trek to Benog Hill was undertaken in well prepared conditions. Our instructors had told us to carry glucose water, rain ponchos and most importantly salt. Salt is used to repel leeches that may enter our shoes while we are crossing long grasses or marshes. We are also advised to be in groups since jungle is no one’s friend.

Below is a picture of the spot where we were served breakfast.

The treks become memorable for two major reasons: you become stronger than what you were when you started. Both physically as well as mentally. Physically you push yourself to take that extra one step before taking a break to breath. Mentally you keep motivating yourself to enjoy the trek instead of asking the question- “How much more should I climb?”.

The second advantage is you make new friends. Hectic schedule during weekdays gives one less time to meet new people but trek is a god send for those looking to mingle.

Below is the gang at tophill.

Just while you think that LBSNAA is the only academy that plans treks for its cadres, see below. These are young school kids who not only trek but also run cross country to make their school win. Some serious motivation there.

While you are all drenched in sweat, you ought to seek solace in the breathtaking view of the hills. Mussorie is rightly called the Queen of the hills. The view from the top also makes you feel very accomplished since you have concurred your fears and won over your limits.

And during the journey, you also make cute four-legged friends who look at you with equal love 🙂

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