Daily timetable for UPSC Aspirants

There is no hard and fast rule that can guarantee success in Civil Services Examination. However, a minimum level of hardwork with a strategy is the necessary and sufficient condition for getting an admit to the coveted steel frame of bureaucracy.

In this post, we will talk about a realistic time table that is easy to follow and ensures success as well.

Morning (9-12): I have chosen this time frame particularly owing to the fact that this will be the time when you will be writing the actual Mains exams. Prelims Paper I too is timed from 10 to 12. If you train your body and mind to perform at its best during this time then you will replicate good performance in the actual exam as well.

In this time frame, I would always take up a topic which I found difficult. To me polity was the toughest. I would read new chapters of Polity in this slot.

Also, a two-three hour sitting at one go is important. Build your focus and stamina for this time duration.

Break: 12-1

Do anything that relaxes you. I would grab some food in this slot and listen to music and catch up with my pet.

Afternoon(1-4): Keep this slot for current affairs. Read newspaper. Read only one newspaper. Look up terms that feature in the newspaper which are new to you. This should take 2-2.5 hours. In rest one or half an hour solve insights current affairs quiz or read online article on vikaspedia or livemint.

Break- 4 to 5

Evening ( 5-8): This time of the day should be for answer writing or something easy like may be reading through environment book or NCERTs. To each his own. I would usually read current affairs booklets or modern history at this time.


Last leg: This is mainly for revision. Revisit all that you have read through the day. Just the pointers not a detailed word by word one. The duration should range from anything close to an hour or two. This imprints the read content deep in your mind. Ensure that after this you hit the bed for a good 6-7 hour sleep.

Try to wake up to having a light stroll or a brisk walk. Anything that increases blood flow to your brain. This keeps your stress free.

All the best.

7 thoughts on “Daily timetable for UPSC Aspirants

  1. heyyyy … my name is Mohita
    i am civil aspirant from Kharagpur (presently in hyderabad)
    do i have any means to talk to u personally ??


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