Current Affairs Source & Strategy

Current Affairs is a very certain route to succeeding in the civil services exam. UPSC has given considerable importance to newspaper, national events, international affairs etc since 2014. And rightly so. As a SP or District Collector, you are the face of the government. You must be aware of what your master is upto.

In this blog post, we have a delineation of important sources of current affairs and how relevant are they.

  • The Hindu: This is the necessary and largely sufficient content for civil services examination. Topics on national, international, economy and editorial opinions must be read. Make notes on relevant and recurring topics. You may refer to this blog for note making. Avoid topics on sports, movie, local/city news. Read only one newspaper uptil Mains stage.
  • PRS Monthly Policy Review: These are available on PRS Legislature, a think tank, website. They help you to keep an update on important bills/acts. Very important for Mains.
  • Insights IAS: Daily current affairs quiz are very important for Prelims. Insight Secure Monthly compilation should be downloaded paper wise.
  • Vision IAS monthly compilation: The very widely acclaimed source primarily serves a good revision exercise. You can highlight important topics in the booklet itself. Important for Prelims as well as Mains.
  • AIR news alert: Listen to them while traveling from coaching to home or any spare time. Important at Mains stage. Also, what you hear often has a better retention than what you might cursorily read. RSTV Big Picture is also good to form opinions at Mains and Interview stage.

The above mentioned sources are unavoidable. They have to be done.

Below are some good read for Mains stage:

  • Vikaspedia: Gives a good digest for all government schemes.
  • Livemint: The newspaper is a good read for GS III. Articles on polity, economy, agriculture are very balanced in opinions.
  • PIB news: You can subscribe to them through emails. But read only important topics not related to appointment, parliamentary proceedings etc. This is to be done only for Prelims.

Given the limited time, it’s important that an aspirant must balance important from the not so important. So be cautious in time you spend reading these sources.

5 thoughts on “Current Affairs Source & Strategy

    1. Do whatever you feel like keeping in mind those 5 days when you’ll return from examination center by 6-6:30 pm and next day you have to leave again for two sets

      Revision is the key and short notes are the keyholes for this 1 year journey.

      Stay blessed


  1. While reading newspaper, do we need to make notes only or look for terms in the paper on the internet extensively?


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