In the recent trends, a large number of working professionals have chosen to write the civil services examination and many have come out with flying colours. However, we do have a sizeable population of the engineering/DU junta which is not able to make up their mind about which way to go.

This blog will help you make a well-informed decision between the two choices by giving a narrative as to which career path will give you what.

The MBA route

The two widely available exams are the CAT and GMAT. The former gives you admission to premier Indian MBA colleges, that award a PGDM, like IIMs. The GMAT is needed for the Indian School of Business (ISB) and Universities abroad.

Both these exams test your analytical, reasoning and language abilities. With adequate practice, these exams can be mastered.

Once in the college, be prepared for a rigorous academic life in college loaded with case studies, internships and assignments. In India, most colleges offer a two year course with a mandatory internship after year I. These internship offers are fiercely competed for among the pool of batchmates depending upon GPAs.

There are also exchange programme with international universities. You also get to travel abroad once in the job.

Management consulting and investment banking are two highly preferred job options given the glamour and pay cheque associated with these profiles.

So be prepared for a hard working journey with good salary in terms of a life post MBA.

IAS as choice

After experiencing the gruesome UPSC exam, you get all the needed attention from media and society alike. No other can gives you such avenue.

In job life, postings like Municipal Commissioner, Sub-divisional Magistrate give you authority to solve issues like sanitation, housing which are not so fundamental to the middle and upper class but are existential for the poor. Rudimentary work like event organisation or visit of a dignitary are part of daily routine but you also get to experience and help in disaster struck areas.

Initial postings are mainly in the towns of the allotted cadre.

You work with anonymity as the face of the government. Your salary is not at par with the corporate but this should not challenge your integrity.

Senior positions like Secretary, Joint Secretary are offered in Central government after considerable duration in State government. Your role as an IAS largely involves policy implementation.

So, that’s the IAS way of acting as government’s hand in executive actions.

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