DAF (Detailed Application Form) plays a very important role in deciding your interview marks and the service and cadre you land up in future.

Therefore, it is essential that you should fill your DAF with utmost clarity and precision.

Here are some factors to be kept in mind while filling DAF.

Spend time with your DAF

Start filling your DAF as soon as it is uploaded on UPSC website.

Spend considerable time on it. Please don’t rush through it at the last moment.

Also if you are in touch with any seniors then do get it reviewed. As a fresher there are many aspects of DAF which may not be clear at first go.

Each and every word matters

Filling your DAF casually amounts to a blunder. Fill each word keeping in mind that you can be asked any direct or tangential question arising from that word.

For instance, if you have filled your birthplace as Gaya (Bihar), then try to have an encyclopedic knowledge about this place.

Scrutinize each word carefully leaving no room for error or ambiguity.

Don’t bluff

In your DAF there is a column where you have to mention your personal achievement, extra curricular activities and hobbies.

Interestingly you are not required to submit any proof or certificates before UPSC.

So if you write that you have worked in Germany for 2 years and you have taught at some NGO for a year then UPSC accepts it at face value.

There are many students who try to bluff in this section by over emphasizing their achievement. You should stay away from such tactics. The combined experience of UPSC interview board members exceeds 150+ years and they can easily figure out whether there is an element of truth in what you have stated in your DAF or not.

Hobbies are important

Pay good attention to your hobbies. If you don’t have any particular hobby then leave this section blank and there is no need to coin any new hobbies at the last moment.

If you have an interest in activities like playing musical instrument, dancing, swimming etc but have not been recently doing them then also it’s quite safe to mention in your DAF. You would have enough time post mains to prepare for such hobbies.

Service and Cadre Preference.

This is the most crucial part and I will be covering it in the next blog post.


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