GS Notes- Ila Tripathi

Hi All,

Following are the links to my Evernote notes of GS:


Government Scheme:

Indian National Movement:

Fundamental Rights and Polity:


Ancient History:

Historical Terms:


Peasant Movements:

Economical terms:

Important Terms:


Will be updating more as I digitise my notes.



5 thoughts on “GS Notes- Ila Tripathi

  1. I want to ask you about your strategy to cover the current affairs effectively as there are lot of sources and a lot comes in the newspaper.What should be the best way to tackle them so as you get the most out of it in exam.


  2. Ma’am in your Fundamental rights and polity notes ,you have mentioned that the maximum period for preventive detention is 2 months but it was actually 3 months.
    Because the provision regarding preventive detention mentioned in the 44rth amendement not bought into force,hence the period of 3 months still continues.


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